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Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for visitors from all over the world. There are many types of tourism based on the interests of the travelers and the goals they are looking for. One of these goals: treatment and healing.

Apart from the millions of tourists who visit Turkey every year, millions of people are coming for healing, treatment and sightseeing, which helped Turkey withstand the global competition in medical tourism.


Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medical tourism in Turkey is one of the most important pillars upon which to increase the number of tourists annually. The sources of medical tourism, whether these sources are natural, such as natural springs, or as a result of medical attention such as specialized centers, have been instrumental in increasing the proportion of tourism to higher than expected levels.

Turkey has brought together modern technology, fumigation and health systems, luxury hotels, and other superb and sophisticated services, with more than 1,300 thermal springs. The most famous thermal springs in the Black Sea region, including:

  • Sarmashik Hot Springs in Ordu “Ivy Springs”

If you feel that you need to restore your vitality and activity, don’t forget to visit these springs. It receives thousands of visitors every year with its full-service resorts and treatment centers. It also has a remarkable ability to heal from joint diseases, stroke, osteoporosis, and skin tumors. As well as it gives the skin a luster and rejuvenation.


  • Rashadia Hot Springs in Tokat

Enjoy the pleasure of looking at the green mountain highlands and get treatment at the same time, by going to the hot springs of Rashadia via Tokat State Highway, which is only 90 km away from the city center.


  • Karacasu Thermal Springs in Bolu

It is the most therapeutic springs in the Black Sea springs. It is state-sponsored and incubated by investors. It has many tourist services and facilities. You can reach it by regular transport. It is located in the state of Bolu near the Black Sea, and it is only 190 km away from Ankara.


  • Saraykent Thermal Springs in Yozgat

If you are a lover of history and nature, Saraykent Springs is the ideal destination for you. It has a wonderful healing capacity. Also, it is one of the most beautiful springs that you can see in Turkey.


Features of Medical Tourism in Turkey:

  • The presence of healing springs is greatly cared for.
  • The existence of competing medical centers for the largest international centers.
  • Medical centers are equipped to perform all surgeries.
  • There are a very large number of medical centers specializing in cosmetics.
  • There are many tourist companies that organize therapeutic tourism trips in Turkey.
  • The cost of the trip itself is not overpriced compared to medical tourism in Europe.
  • The cost of cosmetic surgery is cheap with excellent results.

Turkey has been able to preserve its natural resources in medical tourism, and has developed new sources.

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