Everything you Need to Know Before doing a tourism in Turkey!

Turkey holds a special place in millions of people hearts, with its impressive mix of past and present, from east to west, wonderful culture, historical variety, delicious food, intriguing art turned it to a very special place to discover for any traveler.

And there are usually a million ways to fill your tourism schedule with magnificent things to see in Turkey, Turkey’s tourist areas cater the traveler’s requirements with different interests, where shall I start? The most common question, but before you set off to discover Turkey.

Here are 10 things you should know:

1. It’s safe to visit Turkey

Turkey attracts millions of tourists annually, it is fair enough to say that the country where safety factors are in place attracts many tourists.

2. You’re going to need a Visa

Turkey require its travelers to obtain a visa before enter the country, it’s all about a permission for the travelers permitting his entry for a specific purpose, like: Entertainment Tourism, Business tourism, Educational Tourism, and Medical tourism.

3. Credit Cards VS Cash Cards 

Credit Cards are greatly accepted in the big destinations like Istanbul and Izmir and many more, but in small towns it will require some cash currencies, so you can pay for different services.

4. You have to check the weather before your trip date

like every country the weather is changeable depending on the time of the year, if your trip duration in July, then you expect a hot weather with around 26 C temperature, and may rise to 31C, Anyhow, if your trip was in December, then you expect a cold weather with around 12 C and may rise to 16 C.

5. Children’s are welcome everywhere in Turkey

The children’s are very important to the Turks. Mostly you will find your child supplies and requirements easily in the shops or restaurants, Plus, there are plenty of attractions that can keep your children enjoyed for hours including water parks and parks. Everyone there is willing to meet the requirements of your family.

6. Try to learn some Turkish words

Learn some basic words to easier contact with citizen besides the Turkish language is the 12th most spoken language and more important and now, especially for travelers who target in doing business tourism in Turkey.

7. Avoid taking pictures of people without asking for a permission

There are some situations where you can’t take pictures for, Like: prayers, old people because they think it’s an evil eye, military facility, and woman’s.

8. Serving tea is an expression for Turkish hospitably

Turkey has always been famous with the black tea, it’s consider as an integral part of Turkish daily life and culture.

9. Avoid tap water

Usually tap water in Turkey is unsafe to drink, you can use it to wash your face and hands.

10. Be sure to wear appropriately

Turkey is a Muslim nation, you should take this into consideration, and always respect the beliefs and cultures when you travel.

Keep your eyes on the latest updates here in Skipperfly blog, we help you to get the best trip in your life, also ask your travel guide for his last advice.

So, Are you ready to begin your trip in Turkey? We think so.

New facts, Your choice!

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