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Business and Commerce Tourism in Turkey

Business and Commerce Tourism is a tourist trip for the purpose of attending or participating in exhibitions, conferences and meetings. Many countries, including Turkey, have been interested in developing business trips through its associated elements, such as exhibition and conference centers, hotels and airports, regulatory environment and government procedures, and developing and marketing human capabilities.

This type of trips has acquired various names, such as: “business tourism”, “conference and exhibition tourism” and “meeting tourism”. It contributes to the development of trade and plays a major role in supporting the local economy, introducing the products and industries of countries, allowing trade exchange and providing a chance for investors in one place.


Real Estate and Investments in Turkey

If you are a capital owner and want to increase your investment, Turkey is the destination of a lot of businessmen to achieve profits and open projects that generate high income; there are a lot of extension companies that help you invest from a thousand to a billion in money that fits your budget.

Real estate projects in Turkey are growing at a high rate, encouraging most businessmen to buy, sell, rent or participate in the construction of a full housing project, because of the global strength of the Turkish economy and its persistence in economic obstacles.

In 2018, Turkey’s population exceeded 80 million. In addition to millions of tourists and investors who come to it daily. Its economy has also recovered by opening Istanbul’s third airport, which connects Turkey with three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, and provides access from Istanbul to 41 countries within three hours and to 66 countries within five hours. As well as Ataturk International Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

In Turkey, you won’t be worried about attending an important business meeting and returning on the same day. You can do it in record time for your country.

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