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How Skipperfly Work’s? Swipe The Curious Away

Skipperfly is the Revolution in providing full guidance plans, No one was doing it completely to all disciplines, so we did!
Today is a GREAT day in the story of Skipperfly. It is the beginning of our career, alongside an extraordinary purpose, as Skipperfly is the way to simplify and improve the relationships between travelers and travel guides.
Our passion for traveler’s satisfaction explains everything we do.

What is Skipperfly?

It’s your gateway to the valleys, oceans, mountains, high desert, cities, small towns, and almost ‎everything in between, as one of the leading companies that intend to provide unique tourism guidance plans, for travelers to experience the globe by connecting them with travel guides on one platform
Leading four different kinds of tourism services, such as:
1. Entertainment Tourism: Our tour guides can choose what you want, and the best way to make it happen. We’re ‎changing the way people connect to the places they visit so anyone can create their dream vacation. ‎
2. Business tourism: Fast and ‎efficient travel service that’s all that your business need, Our tour guides can manage the most complex requirements of multinational organizations, and provide a specialized service to businesses of all sizes.
3. Educational Tourism: As an approach that enhances their education through the world of travel to continuing education, conducting research activities, and acquiring knowledge.
4. Medical tourism: Providing information about healthcare, health insurance systems and ‎medical tourism around the world, you can find out all you need to know about any country we service here
Helping travelers to make confident decisions, book instantly their ideal trip ‎with adequate information, is an exciting milestone for our purpose, our mission, and our vision, which will make every planned journey more reasoned and the memories ‎more lasting.
It may seem a little unexpected to hear this, we are the brain that helps you to roam the world and this is exactly at the heart of Skipperfly.

What we do?

We formed a social network that empower travelers to experience the globe by connecting them with travel guides anytime, anywhere on one platform.
Let us share the top two reasons why Skipperfly is different:
– The existing global tour guides do not classify guides according to their interests.
– Nor can they be located on maps for easy access.
That’s why, providing job opportunities to travel guides around the world, can generate many services to travelers, with the best deals and best offers.
So, our top six services are: ‎
– Provide a classification of guides and travelers due to your interests. ‎
– ‎Provide an advanced search screen for quick and accurate access to tour guides.‎
– ‎Provide Services of all kinds by tour guides (company or individual) with the availability of ‎payment service (cash or through the platform).‎
– ‎Evaluate of tour guides via the services providing to the public.‎
– ‎Manage the flight schedules of the guide.‎
– ‎Provide services on site due to your interests.‎

What’s next for Skipperfly?

When it’s time for the next level to start, Skipperfly seeks to expand its platform to provide reliable mobility for our travelers in every region. The one where we realize the huge opportunity in front of us.
As we do this, let’s make skipperfly one of the most valued and respected travel platforms in the world. Let’s make skipperfly the dream job for the most brilliant and creative tour guides. And let us make skipperfly lasting forever profoundly embedded in cultural values and inspirations.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look around.
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