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Travel Tips and Hacks – Things Skipperfly Recommend for you

Tips and Hacks are the most important topics for all travelers when it comes to their trips and tours. Whether it’s at vacations, at business, at taking care of their healthcare, at the educational time, or most importantly their joyous while exploring the world.

Here are 11 tips you need before you start your adventure:

1. Download Skipperfly App, So you can contact with your travel guide:
– Easy to use.
– You can find your tour guides through Skipperfly, smarter way to a last-memories by sharing your trip moments, and if you have ended your trip you can rate your tour guide.
– Track tour guides prices, so you can get the best deal.
– Find the best dates for tours, we recommend you to use our calendar.
– Skipperfly speaks your language: Our app is available in 4 languages.
– Efficiently Management Contact: Highly customer care, quick response, and provide our travelers and tour guides with suggestions and ideas.
You can do it all HERE!
2. Don’t miss the chance to live your special moments by taking too many photos.
3. Wear comfortable clothes but make sure to wear appropriately: you can wear what you wear at home, just because you are going on a trip it doesn’t mean that you have to wear like a traveler, just wear what you feel comfortable in.
4. Trust your tour guide: The applied tour guides at Skipperfly are trustworthy, so feel safe and be confident with your guide.
5. Googles maps are important to know your way, you can type “Ok Google” it will turn into offline google maps and the visible area you are in will be saved for the future.
6. Try to keep cash currencies with you besides your credit cards, you can use ATMs to get some local currencies.
7. Don’t pack too much Weight in your handbag, so you can Walk around freely and comfortably.
8. Feed your children dinner early: An early dinner for your children is the best thing ever, you might get at the end of the tour late, according to your tour schedule, and most hotels don’t serve food until 7pm, and that is too late for most children’s, by this time they are hungry, tired and sleepy.
9. Check your luggage once you land off, to make sure nothing is lost.
10. Try to speak the country language as much as possible you can, you have to start learning some basic words to be able to contact with others.
11. Experience local food and get a little away from famous food that you can find every way, like fast food for example.

Here Are Some Travel Hacks Before Your Trip:
1. The glasses case is a very convenient place for headphones and mobile charger to avoid being lost with the rest of your luggage in your bag.
2. Use your belts and put them in collar shirts to keep them from wrinkling, especially if you are going into Business tourism.
3. Use a power bank to charge your phone, you might see this one is so simple hack, but it’s very useful as an easy, quick way, so we think it’s good to remind you with.
4. Roll your clothes instead of folding, in order to save spaces in your bag.
5. Bring your tools, like a water bottle.

These travel tips and hacks helped a lot of travelers to get ready, we will provide you with every new.
Have you got ready for your trip and solutions to some problems? We hope so.
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