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As you are a Guide or a Service Provider, How does Skipperfly guarantee your rights?

  • Skipperfly network allows you to add services that will be checked within (12 hours), to be posted on the network after making sure that they are not a violation of the website’s policy. So, it should be as much clear as possible.
  • Keep your service clearly described, accurate and professional. You are responsible for any problems that may occur if you don’t explain the service or what you will provide.
  • The option is available to you to determine how to pay and receive money for your services (hand-delivered or via Skipperfly network -as an intermediary-). Therefore, the network is not responsible for any malfunction or damage from using the payment method through full hand delivery. Skipperfly allows the choice of two payment methods.
  • You can select a portion of the total amount of money for the service (online payment via the network), such as a reservation on tourist trips, seat booking, etc. You can supplement the amount when meeting the traveler.
  • Set a proper time for the service so that it does not lag behind its applicant. Otherwise, the travelers will be able to cancel it after the execution period expires and recover all funds from Skipperfly wallet.
  • If the financial payment option for the service is through (Skipperfly network), do not deliver the service through messages or other means of communication. You should deliver it via a special request for service delivery, to ensure that your rights are received and the service is evaluated by the traveler.
  • You can inquire and communicate with the traveler through messages, tourist groups, or post comments before adding a paid service to your profile, so that the details of the service are clear to both parties, reducing the disputes between the service provider and the applicant.
  • Skipperfly network doesn’t mind adding any services or ads to your diary wall as you are a guide. But the service will be implemented through the services screen to track requests, determine available payment mechanisms, and so on. Thus, Skipperfly is not responsible for any defect or damage to the parties and both will be liable for damages.
  • The amount allowed for adding one paid service is (7,000 USD). If the service worth more than this amount, you should contact the administration and give reasons to increase it. This may require some identification papers.
  • When the service is delivered from (service provider – guide) to the service applicant (traveler), received and evaluated, the funds will be transferred to the guide account after being provided to the management within (24 hours).
  • Do not provide infringing services, and do not implement them even if they are through private messages. All messages are always monitored by the management.
  • The Guide and Service Provider’s assessment method is based on an assessment of all the services that are paid to interested persons to be calculated for their overall assessment, as well as a special assessment by Skipperfly management through compliance with laws and online activity.
  • Regarding the image of the Tourist Guidance Certificate attached by the guide (to become a certified guide), the Tourist Guide’s license will be validated by the institutions and government agencies in the guide’s country. If there is a certificate fault, their account will be suspended immediately with the booking on all services and money orders in their own e-wallet.
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