Traveler’s Corner

As you are a Traveler or a Service Applicant, How does Skipperfly guarantee your rights?

  • Read the title and description of the service well. What is mentioned is what you will get.
  • Pay attention to the duration of the service, you will not be able to cancel (inform management) or obtain it before the service period expires.
  • Ask the service provider (the guide) for any details that may not be clear before beginning the service through instant messaging, comments or posts.
  • Be sure to clarify your request accurately and to make the agreement complete and clear so that problems do not occur later on. Also be sure to follow the assessments of the services of the guide, comments, people’s responses to them, and the performance of services.
  • Be sure to select interests of the guide (Medical, Educational, Business, Entertainment) and their ability to perform the services.
  • If a problem occurs with the service provider, try to resolve it amicably as long as the service status is “in progress”, so they have not yet received the money. If it persists, the order will be transferred to Skipperfly network administration for judgment. The guide may have spent time and effort in the implementation of some services and will be required to provide some identification papers.
  • If your service provider (guide) sends you a receipt request, please check the service carefully and make sure that it matches the description and your agreement with the guide. After you press the receive order button, the order status will change to “Delivered”, then you must have received the full service.
  • You can request service cancellation (inform management) prior to implementation it by the service provider. If you do after time has passed, which may cost the service provider time, effort and money to complete a portion of the service, the status will be assessed by the management to judge it and give everyone his right.
  • Be sure to evaluate the service after receiving it, as the service assessment is reflected in the performance assessment of the guide, which improves performance and provides higher quality services.
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